Love & Connection Cards

52 Ways to Easily Love & Connect on the Go...

Kathleen Love and Connection CardsGet back to basics and rebuild your relationship with the Love & Connection Cards.


This fun card deck gives you instructions for 52 simple acts of love to refocus your relationship. You and your partner can take turns each week carrying out the instruction on each card, and will leave you feeling more connected and your love renewed.
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Instructions: Love is not just a feeling, it is an action as well. Showing that you love and care for eachother is an essential part of connection, passion and fun in your relationship.  Each week you and your partner will take a turn carrying out the instruction written out on the card. Do not share what is on the card, but instead wait for your partner to notice your loving action. Put the card to the back of the deck and pass it on. At the  end of the year shuffle the deck and start again. Have fun!

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