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“Couples Therapy Workbook: 30 Guided Conversations To Re-Connect Relationships”

Kathleen Mates-Youngman M.A. LMFT

The Couples Therapy Workbook is a series of guided questions to promote meaningful couple conversations and build ongoing, connected communication.  The core of this unique workbook is 30 guided conversations that address the most critical relationship areas.  For each of the 30 topics, there is an introduction, goal-setting strategies and 10 scripted questions to ask each other – all presented in an easy-to-use mindful style.

Couples Therapy Workbook


“A treasure-trove of guided conversations to increase intimacy and friendship”

Ellyn Bader, PhD, Founder/Director The Couples Institute


“A valuable resource for anyone working with couples”
Milan & Kay Yerkovich

authors of best-selling How We Love
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